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Wow! What can we say?! Stuart and Nicola were absolutely amazing photographers on our wedding day. Not only were they extremely professional, but they were kind, caring, friendly and incredibly patient with us! Danny and I are the most un-photogenic people ever (or so we thought!) and find it hard posing for photos, but Nicola and Stuart took this in their stride and made the photographs fun and easy going - literally every single one of our 900+ images are amazing - there's not one photograph we don't like. You both captured some amazing moments, some we'd even forgot happened!! We have some wonderful memories that we will cherish forever. We honestly cannot thank Stuart and Nicola enough and thoroughly recommend them. xx
Natalie and Danny-20Natalie and Danny-24Natalie and Danny-26Natalie and Danny-32Natalie and Danny-34Natalie and Danny-37Natalie and Danny-48Natalie and Danny-54Natalie and Danny-57Natalie and Danny-61Natalie and Danny-64Natalie and Danny-68Natalie and Danny-73Natalie and Danny-84Natalie and Danny-98Natalie and Danny-107Natalie and Danny-111Natalie and Danny-117Natalie and Danny-120Natalie and Danny-125